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The HMS Story

"I am but one, but I can help." Helen Keller


The Heart, Mind & Soul Project was birthed from a wedding anniversary trip to Bali in 2008 that was a gift to me after a year of a breast cancer diagnosis, two surgeries and radiation treatment.  I fell in love with Bali and the people that fed my heart, mind and soul at that vulnerable time.  The following year I began to work on my dream of a service trip for my family. In 2010 we were thrilled to return to Bali and serve in the small village of Munduk with The Bali Children’s Project.


Our first year we visited four schools teaching songs, doing art projects and donating school supplies. Observing that some children could not attend school, we were moved to offer tuition support for a few students whose families were struggling financially.



"Not all of us can do great things but we can do small things with great love." Mother Theresa


And so it began as a small seed of an idea 13 years ago. Today we are full of gratitude as we see the positive harvest that has been the product of many people's contributions. Together, we have helped over 80 students attend school and many people have volunteered with us in Bali. We helped open a new kindergarten, built 2 playgrounds and have held teacher trainings for the village teachers. A small seed of an idea has taken root and grown. Working collectively as The Heart, Mind and Soul Project, we envision branching out and cultivating even more positive changes in our world.


"Together our contibutions become more significant."


We have seen how miraculous things happen when one person is willing to respond to a stirring within.  It is even more miraculous when a group of people respond and work together to give, serve and love. There are not only practical external contributions that result, but also internal growth and changes occur that cause an expanding ripple of good. This collective component of outer good and inner growth will create a wiser, healthier and more harmonious world.

                   Kathryn Schlesinger 


Hwange, Zimbabwe           Orange County, California, USA              Dharamsala, INDIA              Bali, INDONESIA


the first volunteer trip

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